Dec 6, 2010


This is SilveR's Blog. A blog about the MMORPG Game ~Trickster Online A New Discovery~.
I'll talk about my next adventures in game, my next videos, my plans, my gameplay, and the latest developments of the game.

Okay i'll start about me.

Who i am?
My real name is August, but everyone calls me SilveR for some reason. That reason is that i have a character in game known as AngelicSilveR, it's a Level 400 Witch (Sheep). Her name was xXSilver2008Xx but i changed it because someone copied my name of "xXSilver2010Xx". I hate when people copies things like that about others. I don't like to copy things also.
I live in Mexico. I'm a Fan player of Trickster Online A New Discovery, and i like to play FFR (Flash Flash Revolution) and StepMania. I've finished the High School and now i'm in search of a better job.

1- Why do i play Trickster Online? --- 2- Since when?

1. I play it because i love it! It's the first online game i ever played in my life and there isn't another game like it. I'm a 2D Games lover with 3D Effects and this game agrees perfect my tastes.

2. I'm playing it since closed beta. Closed beta was released in the year 2006. My main character in that time was MagiWizard, so if you remember me let me know! XD

What do i do now since i finished the game?

There are many things to do for fun. One of these is Boss Hunts, another is make videos, next is hang out for relax, another is trasure hunt! (my favorite) and last is..... creating more characters multicolored sheep!

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